Key Performance Indicators (KPI's)

You won’t have to try to figure out what things you need to keep an eye on for the health of your business, everything is straightforward for you to just fill out and get a birds-eye view on a daily basis.

Runs on MS Excel 2000 or later

Because the Daily Business Manager runs in Excel, there is no additional software to set up and learn… just download the spreadsheet and manage your business using the interface you are already familiar with! This also makes it easy to copy and paste data and customize the information you want to track.

Balanced Scorecard (BSC)

Keeps track of Finances, Customers and Sales, Internal Processes, and Employees. Business tends to draw your attention to whatever is causing the most problems and makes it easy to lose focus which creates problems in neglected areas. The Daily Business Manager will keep everything visible and balanced everyday.

Graphical Dashboards

Makes it easy to get a monthly overview and spot trends and patterns before they become problems.

The simple way to keep an eye on your business in 15 minutes a day

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